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I've been supporting my local community for many years including hosting a half hour talk show on ACTV called "Around Amesbury." I've done about 90 shows and I'm also on the Board of Directors. 

I developed over 40 videos for ACM's YouTube Channel. In addition to hosting and directing, I also edited and produced most of the videos using Adobe Premiere. 

Every year the Amesbury Educational Foundation honors local educators and former students during it's "Hall of Honor" banquet and ceremony, where 5 minute videos are created for each recipient. It's been my honor to be the narrator for those video's for over 25 years.

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Here's an "Around Amesbury" show on ACTV with the President and VP of AEFI.

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I've always been a huge supporter of our local schools and recently narrated a video about one of their literacy programs.

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